Ascot Ties in Spain…Palma Majorca, Spain

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When people think about the Balearic Islands they automatically think about Ibiza. I want to change that tune to that of Palma Mallorca, or as some of the local residents call it: “Palma.”
Palma is a small island, south of Spain, filled with gelato; fabulous tapas; delicious sangria; luxury; fashion; and yes fabric. Growing up, I used to watch a show on “E!” called “Wild On” staring Brooke Burke. One episode I remember seeing was when she went to the Balearic Islands and highlighted the beautiful party goers. I may have been no older than 12 years old wishing that I was a young ‘twenty something’ with money so that I can visit. A short 15 years later, I found myself in the Balearic Islands in a different setting.
Now I could write about my visit to the iconic Palma Cathedral, or I could write about my promising trip to the Ribes & Casals fabric house, but I’m going to start with the basics.
Our trip to Palma actually took place on a boat…to be more specific, a cruise ship. Now I won’t drop any names of the company that got us to Palma but I will express the fact that there maybe a return trip in order. Stepping off the boat, I quickly realized that Palma thrives strictly off of tourism.
The Bubble Blue Sterling Ascot, aka our best seller to date, was supposed to be the highlighted ascot at this destination. This ascot tie was supposed to be enhanced by the phenomenal sparkling characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea. However, we had a rare mishap on the lapel of the blazer. So I guess we can add these photos to the Sterling Ascots out blooper files.
As Q and I made a move to head into town, many taxis awaited us at the dock. Palma is filled of nice condos, yachts on beautiful blue sea water, luxurious major stores, and pricey boutiques. If you are a young designer, entrepreneur, or simply looking for a nude beach to relax on, Palma is the spot for you.
After our trip to Catedral de Mallorca, we decide to hit Carrer de la Mar (street) for some food at Lexon. Let me just say, the Sangria here is excellent and the pizza topped with Jamon (thin sliced ham) is excellent. Lexon sell a number of tapas but when you see pizza on the menu with jamon (Spanish for ham), I suggest you give it a try. But wait…there’s more. Even when your full, don’t resist going around the corner through a makeshift alley for a little gelato from Rivareno.
After a filling lunch, we hop a second taxi out of the area to Ribes & Casals which is an excellent fabric fabric store with great potential. When we talk about fine fabric, this place has it. All the eccentric colors you’ll ever want to see in ascot ties can be found in this store. We purchase a about a few yards of fabric for some samples to be developed at a later date.
Now let me be clear, Palma Mallorca is a tropical setting. It’s not the ideal place to the casual citizen walking the street in an ascot tie. However, with the abundance of $300,000+ sports cars we saw in the streets and all the high quality fashion boutiques, I’m sure there are plenty of gentlemen on the island that own ascot ties.
On our way back into town, I decide to stop at a store off of Passeig del Born named Rialto Living Palma. This store reminds me of a more valuable version of a Banana Republic at the very least. The store had fashion for both the fall and spring, nice pairings of shorts with long sleeve button down shirts, nice scarves, an excellent selection of hats and shoes. I couldn’t leave empty handed. In my opinion, every manikin in this store could have pulled off an ascot tie in the most casual way possible…video coming soon.
As we pass by a few other boutiques and even a couple of art galleries down the alley of Carrer de Sant Feliu, we are met by some hostels and a couple of inconspicuously small restaurants. As we pass through, Palma continues to impress us as a real secret gem that most Americans have yet to discover. The people here are just as beautiful as the architecture, and I would highly recommend this island as a place to just wind down for a solid 2 day stay.
As we catch a taxi back to the boat, I make the decision to one day return but Q says “I think this is one place we could have done without.” Life’s dilemmas never end…but we will return.
– J. Sterling