How to Tie an Ascot: The Best Way to Tie Silk Ascots

Long Island, NY: “Good Evening guys, I’m J. Sterling of Sterling Ascots and I want to welcome you to the Sewing Room.” If you here this at the beginning of one of our YouTube videos, you know you are in for a treat. This time around, the treat is an improved way to tie your ascots. We want to gear this method towards our silk ascots because¬† they aren’t like other silk ascots on the market. Our silk ascots are soft and extremely thin for comfort. As a result, we want to make sure all of our customers look their best at any function they attend especially if it’s in a Sterling Ascot. As a result, we felt the need to provide a more improved way to tie your ascot. Whether your ascot tie is made of silk or microfiber, this method will ensure that your ascot tie stays in place for the duration of your evening

In 2015, the beginning of our company’s adventures on the internet, we encouraged our microfiber ascots to first time ascot buyers. We felt that the microfiber ascots would be better suited for customers who wanted to give the ‘ascot look’ a test drive. As a result, we were able to successfully get our ascots on ESPN, YES Network, Ebony Magazine, and a blog that has been good to us: Getting our ascots on these platforms along with the look we were going for, made it possible for us to get our ascots some exposure to a wide number of prospect customers.

While we continue to supply our first time customers with microfiber ascots, our return customers usually come back for silk ascots. The reason for this is the mere fact that if you hit the streets of Europe or meet anyone who is an ascot veteran in America, they most likely will be wearing a silk ascot. The silk Sterling Ascot is lighter, softer, and much more comfortable than our microfiber ascots. As a result, we needed to provide a more efficient way for our customers to tie the ascots made of silk to prevent them from becoming undone. With that being said, we have introduced the “four-in-hand” technique with a slight modification, in our new video below. This technique involves a knot which your ascot will be wrapped around to ensure that your look stays exactly the same as it was when you left your mirror at home. Without further ado…the video:

-J. Sterling