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Our La Perla Sterling Ascot Tie in London, England

London, England – Everything you’ve ever heard about the clamy weather in London, discard it! At this time in early July it’s hot, it’s humid, and it’s crowded. Trust me when I say that I’m just as confused as a the 8.7 million residents of London. No matter the weather, the Sterling Ascots Euro Tour

The Lilac Leaf Ascot in Cannes, France

CANNES, FRANCE ~ Home to everything you’ll ever want in life…as long as you can afford it. The summer sun is hot, the yachts are out at Le Vieux Port, and I already can’t wait to return. Cannes is small, yet big enough to fit a plethora of millionaires, billionaires, tourists, and the everyday workforce

The Ruby Red Reversible in Rome

ROME, ITALY – The location: a little pizzeria just a block outside of Vatican City. It’s a repugnant 37 Degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) on the Sterling Ascots European Tour and shade in Rome is seldom found with no strings attached. As the finely dressed women and men of Rome fly by on scooters, I